On this page you will find all the formal documents pertinent to the trust.

Directors’ Handbook

The Organisation

The Board


  • Mission Statement (incomplete)
  • Members Mandate and Themes (incomplete)

Structure, Systems and Procedures

Accountability and Openness

  • See below for Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting minutes


  • Communications policy (incomplete)

Safeguarding the Reputation of the Organisation

  • Risk management (workshops held but no formal document yet)
  • Welsh Language policy (incomplete)

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Minutes of first AGM 8th March 2017

Presentation at first AGM 8th March 2017

Outcomes of Open Forum at first AGM 8th March 2017

Board Meeting Minutes

Please note that board meeting minutes tend to be a month behind as they need to be approved at the subsequent meeting.

Minutes of meeting 15th March 2017

Minutes of meeting 5th April 2017

Minutes of meeting 17th May 2017

Minutes of meeting 7th June 2017

Minutes of meeting 13th July 2017

Minutes of meeting 17th August 2017

Minutes of meeting 14th September 2017

Minutes of meeting 16th November 2017 (awaiting approval)


Membership Signup Form

Season 2017/18 Flyer (Front) (Rear)