AGM 29 March 2023

Annual Report 2021-22
Annual Accounts 2021-22
Nomination Form (ODF)
Nomination Form (MS Word)
Nomination Form (Plain PDF)
Nomination Form (Fillable PDF)

Personal Statements
Sally Carter
Andrew Collins
Derek Redwood

AGM 24 March 2022

AGM Minutes 2022
Annual Report 2020/21
Annual Accounts 2020-21

Personal Statements
Andy Baker (Candidate for Secretary)

AGM 18 March 2021

Minutes of AGM 18th March 2021
Annual Report 2019/20
Annual Accounts 2019-20
Mission Statement

Personal Statements
Lynn Glaister (Candidate for Chair)
Steve Coombs (Candidate for Board Member)
Simon Jones (Candidate for Board Member)

AGM 25 March 2020

There was no formal AGM in 2020 due to Covid-19.

Postponement Letter
Annual Report 2018/19
Annual Accounts 2018/19

Personal Statements
Derek Redwood (Candidate for Treasurer)
Simon Baker (Candidate for Board Member)
Andrew Bold (Candidate for Board Member)
Sally Carter (Candidate for Board Member)
Andrew Collins (Candidate for Board Member)
Lynn Glaister (Candidate for Board Member)

AGM 14 March 2019

Minutes of AGM 14th March 2019
Annual Accounts 2017/18
Annual Report 2017/18
Cardiff Blues Q&A 14th March 2019

Personal Statements
Huw Jones (Candidate for Secretary)
Fred Davies (Candidate for Board Member)

AGM 21 March 2018

Minutes of AGM 21st March 2018
Annual Report 2016/17
Annual Accounts 2016/17

Personal Statements
David Allen (Candidate for Chair)

AGM 8 March 2017

Minutes of first AGM 8th March 2017
Presentation at first AGM 8th March 2017
Outcomes of Open Forum at first AGM 8th March 2017

Personal Statements
David Allen (Candidate for Chair)
Huw Jones (Candidate for Secretary)
Derek Redwood (Candidate for Treasurer)
Andy Baker (Candidate for Board Member)
Simon Baker (Candidate for Board Member)
Jon Bray (Candidate for Board Member)
Sally Carter (Candidate for Board Member)
Andrew Collins (Candidate for Board Member)
Lynn Glaister (Candidate for Board Member)