CF10 Rugby Trust is a democratic and representative forum open to all supporters of Cardiff rugby.

We aim to:

  • ensure that the voice of all supporters is clearly heard whenever major decisions are being made at Cardiff Arms Park.

  • encourage the involvement of supporters, including younger supporters, in the activities of the trust.

  • achieve the greatest possible supporter influence in the governance of the club.

  • organise small shareholder involvement to maximise its impact.

  • act as a critical friend to Cardiff Blues Ltd. and its associate sides, supporting innovation when appropriate and challenging views and opinions when these conflict with the views of members.

  • ensure that the heritage of Cardiff rugby is accurately and carefully preserved and that the collection of heritage materials is a continuous and valued process from here on.

  • ensure that the future developments at Arms Park fully reflect the heritage of the club including the retention of ‘Cardiff’ in the professional team name and to resist any attempts to dilute its prominence.

  • acknowledge the need to generate new income streams to fund rugby, but to also ensure that the future Arms Park remains first and foremost a rugby stadium and that the experience of attending rugby at Cardiff is something that all supporters value.

  • work with other supporter organisations for the betterment of Cardiff rugby.