An independent voice for all supporters


Our aim is to create a channel for a continuous and constructive dialogue between supporters and the Cardiff Rugby board and management.

Our Focus

Our focus is on Cardiff Rugby and its associated teams. For us, this clearly includes Cardiff RFC. Call us old fashioned, but we still think in terms of 1sts and 2nds!


The Trust provides supporters with a clear, powerful and democratic voice. When big decisions are made about our club we believe that your voice, the independent voice of the supporters, must be heard.


We want to help the club, not hinder it. This is not a rebellion or mutiny. We want to be a critical friend that supports and works with the club to help make Cardiff rugby great again.


Our club is our community. We want to strengthen the bonds between the club and all its supporters.


We want to preserve the history of the club, while promoting its current regional responsibilities. Evolution is good, but our history and heritage are key to defining who we are.

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Programme Notes (Ulster)
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Communication between the Cardiff Rugby board and the supporters is always constructive and something we have always encouraged
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