Programme Notes (Newcastle)
CF10 Rugby Trust | 15 January 2023
And so on it goes. At time of writing a solution to the impasse between the WRU and the Welsh professional teams has not presented itself.
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Getting The Old Band Back together?
Andy Baker | 12 January 2023
Are we confident that this is completely unfounded speculation....
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Programme Notes (Scarlets)
CF10 Rugby Trust | 07 January 2023
Last week we were proud to stand with our friends from the Ospreys and deliver a message to the WRU concerning the ongoing crisis that continues to blight the Welsh game.
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Programme Notes (Ospreys)
CF10 Rugby Trust | 01 January 2023
The end of last season was difficult. Criticism was scathing from all quarters. Like sports fans the world over, when our team struggles, we feel it deeply and sometimes lash out.
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Sporting Memories
Sally Carter | 15 December 2022
Club rugby is under a tremendous amount of pressure at the moment and faces criticism from all sides, but what the WRU really have to remember is that rugby is not just about spreadsheets and success for Team Wales.
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Why Reform of The WRU is Essential
Huw Jones | 13 December 2022
The professional game is teetering on the brink of financial collapse. At best the pro clubs face the need to make significant cuts to player salaries and squads sizes for the 2023/24 season. That is assuming they survive that long to be able to make the necessary contractual changes.
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Yma o Hyd, but for how long?
Simon Jones | 12 December 2022
The WRU desperately needs to listen to its critical friends, which many of us are. Whether we grew up in the embrace of the local rugby club or came to it later in life via the professional game, we want the sport to succeed.
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Programme Notes (Brive)
CF10 Rugby Trust | 10 December 2022
Cardiff vs Brive will always be associated with one particular match and one special player: Greg Kacala.
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A Plea for Sanity
Steve Coombs | 04 December 2022
The communities of South Wales were built on coal, metal ore, religious revival and rugby football. The first two brought wealth and people. The third helped forge those people into communities. The fourth provided the means by which those people could conquer the world.
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Supporter Advisor Q&A
CF10 Rugby Trust | 14 November 2022
David Allen, the Cardiff Rugby Supporter Advisor, will be holding a supporters Q&A on Thursday 24 November at 19:00 via Zoom. All supporters of Cardiff rugby are welcome to attend
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Cardiff Rugby Supporter Advisor David Allen
Supporter Advisor: Reflections so far
David Allen | 04 November 2022
Cardiff Rugby Supporter Advisor David Allen reflects on his first cycle of meetings.
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The Clock is Ticking
CF10 Rugby Trust | 31 October 2022
Welsh rugby is teetering on the brink. If we don’t get radical reform and get it soon then the whole edifice will collapse and it will not be possible to rebuild it. It’s really that serious.
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