Both beaten the All Blacks but both beaten by the Schedule
Martin Hughes | 26 October 2016
So, our second Welsh derby is nearly upon us, an East v West meeting, a rugby challenge that should ensure a ripple or two of excitement. In theory vast hordes from the west will once again pile into the Arms Park with their songs about their players, that charming little ditty about a small...
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Supper or Tea .. a question of timing
Martin Hughes | 14 October 2016
Entering Cardiff Arms Park I find “Will I be home in time for supper Dad?” as ubiquitous a question as “Is Sam playing Dad?” Rugby in Wales and elsewhere is subjected to a plethora of kick off times usually at the behest of the television companies. The necessary money these companies bring to the...
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What have the Cardiff Blues ever done for us?
Martin Hughes | 04 October 2016
Cardiff is a political, geographic and economic capital. It is increasingly assuming the role that other major cities across Europe play and beginning to achieve a prominence unheard of since the coal boom (when, of course, it purloined the valleys’ coal, abused its female population, and ate...
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Why Join Us?
David Allen | 27 September 2016
CF10 Supporters Trust: An Independent Voice For All Supporters! Many fans that support Cardiff rugby believe that the voice of supporters isn't properly represented at board level and feel disconnected from our club as a result. When big decisions are being made about our club, as they are now, we...
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David Allen | 15 September 2016
The Arms Park is overshadowed by the monstrous Principality Stadium, a ubiquitous Holiday Inn and the Westgate Street flats. The ground is hidden in the dip between two centuries worth of architectural development and the River Taff, with the fine Gwyn Nicholls’ gates at the Angel Hotel entrance...
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The Great Cardiff Take Off
Martin Hughes | 06 September 2016
Under a dazzling coloured sky and in front of a Saturday night audience of just under 5000 Cardiff Blues kicked off their 2016/17 in some style with bonus point win against a poor Edinburgh side. Common sense dictates that as John Lacey wasn’t the most influential person on the pitch it points to...
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The Season Ahead
Martin Hughes | 03 September 2016
The 2016/17 season promises to one of the most interesting for a few years. Toward the end of last season, the much longed for corner turning seemed to have real momentum and given the signings made over the summer it seems depth to the squad is being added to the width we all saw on the pitch. Off...
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What's In A Name?
Andy Baker | 03 September 2016
Though we made the company aware of our initial trading name (Cardiff Blues Rugby Trust), some concern was recently expressed that this might lead to confusion with the newly established Cardiff Blues Regional Benevolent Trust. This a fantastic charitable initiative that will offer support in terms...
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A New Arms Park
Andy Baker | 31 August 2016
As we all know, negotiations about the lease and future development of our beloved Arms Park have been rumbling on between Cardiff Blues and Cardiff Athletic Club for years. If the flurry of recent press activity is to be believed, there seems to be a chance that a conclusion to these negotiations...
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Protecting the past, embracing the future
Simon Baker | 31 August 2016
The trust is involved in an exciting project that could help pave the way for a Cardiff Rugby heritage centre at the new Arms Park. We’re currently working with Simon Down of Cardiff Rugby Football Club to catalogue all the items in the Hubert Johnson room and stored elsewhere around the club; our...
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A View From The Terraces
Martin Hughes | 30 August 2016
Growing up in the 1980s with a father too mean to pay for a seat my formative rugby memories are all set on the terrace. Though, as I grow older I am taken by the idea that Dad was keener on the banter we encountered there than he let on.Whether my first game at the old National Stadium for Cardiff...
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Huw Jones | 20 July 2016
Governance: some people know what it is; some people have never heard of it; some go to sleep when they hear the word; other people ask ‘how do you spell that?’ It conjures up a range of reactions and emotions. People tend to fear what they don’t understand. The natural instinct is to be negative...
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