Heritage: An Update
David Allen | 22 February 2017
As first reported last August, volunteers from CF10 are currently working with Simon Down of CRFC to catalogue all the artefacts held at Cardiff Arms Park that document the history of rugby at the ground.
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Next Stop Wall Street
David Allen | 15 February 2017
CF10 recently decided to utilise some of its income from membership fees to purchase shares in Cardiff Blues Limited. The number of shares is small, but the step that the trust has taken in making this purchase is big.
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Like Bloody Buses!
David Allen | 25 January 2017
Surveys for fans of Cardiff Blues are like the proverbial Cardiff bus. You wait an absolute age for one to come along, often they never arrive, and then two appear at once. Cardiff Blues Ltd. don’t have a great record of seeking the views of those who pay money to pass through the turnstiles, and...
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RFC Views Required
Andy Baker | 11 January 2017
A message from our friends at Cardiff Rugby Supporters Club: Have your say about the RFC. Following the disappointment of not making the top 8 in the Principality Premiership, the Rugby Committee want to get the views of those who are interested in the future of the Cardiff RFC team.
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Cardiff Arms Park Survey: Preliminary Results
Andy Baker | 06 January 2017
We're delighted to release the preliminary results of our Arms Park Redevelopment Survey.
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A Design For Life
David Allen | 02 January 2017
Libraries Gave Us Power I recently borrowed a copy of the above book from Kairdiff Central Library and very much looked forward to reading about the many triumphs of the Scarlets since their inception in 2003. On collecting it, my initial reaction was one of surprise given the size and thickness...
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Freefall or Rollercoasting?
Martin Hughes | 15 December 2016
It is inevitable as we reach the more or less half way point of the season, the early confidence of four wins on the trot have been replaced by a more grounded and realistic mindset. Being honest few expected Cardiff to reach Christmas unbeaten bestriding the rugby universe like a team of Blue...
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A Team
CF10 Rugby Trust | 23 November 2016
Now, as good of a second row as Mr T may be, this isn't about the fictional US Special Forces unit. It's about what I see as the missing piece of the regional development pathway puzzle and how we can solve it to maximise potential for young players to make it in the first team. Over the last few...
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What Can Architects Learn From The Green Bay Packers?
Huw Jones | 16 November 2016
I have a confession to make: I don’t like architects. Well, when I say architects, if I really thought about it long enough and rationalised the situation I wouldn’t mean all architects. I’m sure many, if not most are very nice people much thought of by their loved ones. In fact, my butty is an...
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Andrew’s Law
Andrew Collins | 10 November 2016
Andrew Collins offers an alternative view to Martin Hughes's Bridging Gatland's Poor Law piece.
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Bridging Gatland's Poor Law
Martin Hughes | 09 November 2016
We again stand on the verge of the Autumnal series (what I lovingly called back in the days of Roger Lewis as The Blitz on the Debt Series) and look to the National team to give us an outlet for our patriotic leanings and to entertain with feats of bravery and daring-do. Thousands will descend on...
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A life watching rugby – one woman’s view
Lynn Glaister | 03 November 2016
It can seem like Rugby is a man’s world but women do have a place in rugby, as players, supporters and administrators to name just a few ways to be involved.  You can also become involved in supporter’s organisations and that it why I joined the CF10 Arms Park Trust.
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