So Regions it is, finally – Or is it?
CF10 Rugby Trust | 24 May 2017
Back in March 2014, David Moffett advocated this type of structure with 5 regions across Wales; the four current pro regions plus the semi-pro North Wales region. This needs to be resurrected and not dismissed because of any personal antagonism which some still have towards Moffo.
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What does the future hold for Cardiff Blues?
CF10 Rugby Trust | 18 May 2017
In this blog we explore the possible financial scenarios which face the club and what the likely actions will be of those that have influence on future decisions. The seriousness of this situation cannot be underestimated.
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Look Before You Leap
CF10 Rugby Trust | 14 May 2017
A blog in which we consider the benefits of rashness over economics - a potentially dull read of more than 140 characters, but one that we hope you’ll stick with.
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The Truth Is Out There…
CF10 Rugby Trust | 09 May 2017
Who said that AGMs are boring? Well last night’s meeting of Cardiff Blues Ltd. was for around half an hour until it came to the Q&A session when the Chair of the Board, Peter Thomas, revealed to the club’s shareholders that the WRU will take over the franchise of Cardiff Blues from 1st July...
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List of Cardiff Lions
David Allen | 24 April 2017
118 years and 58 Lions down the road, Cardiff Rugby remains the premier provider of players to this most venerable of rugby traditions. Heritage in action, history as narrative & another golden seam sewn into the planet.
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Cardiff Lions
CF10 Rugby Trust | 23 April 2017
A great Cardiff Rugby tradition was continued last week as the British and Irish Lions named their squad for this summer's tour of New Zealand with Sam Warburton selected to travel as captain, joining only Martin Johnson in the very select group to have received that honour twice. Closer to home...
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Uproar At Suggestions Of Cardiff Rugby Merger
CF10 Rugby Trust | 13 April 2017
Now that the title has grabbed your attention, I have to confess that this blog is not a retrospective commentary on the proposed 2003 merger with Pontypridd. Nor is it a futuristic dystopian fantasy about the Blue Dragons, an unloved and short-lived team formed after the WRU announce the...
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How do you build a business?
David Allen | 31 March 2017
Despite literally years of negotiating, the future at Cardiff Arms Park remains as clear as the mud that we frequently played on before the advent of our artificial pitch. What is happening (or perhaps not happening) at the Newport Gwent Dragons (for such is the name of the Black and Amber bar...
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From CAP To Where?
Martin Hughes | 14 March 2017
The tectonic plates that Welsh rugby sit upon ensure life is rarely dull and news that the Welsh Rugby Union are the verge of taking on 100% of Newport and are actively glancing at the other three ensures that there is currently much to think about.
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Love Don’t Come Easy
CF10 Rugby Trust | 05 March 2017
In the first of what we hope will be some regular guest blogs, Lloyd @TreharrisonFord kindly lets us reproduce his blog from his searchingforaffinity site.
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It’s Throwback Thursday!
David Allen | 03 March 2017
Thomas Rhymer was a 13th century Scottish laird who, after supposedly being carried off by elves, returned with the gift of prophecy. As far as I’m aware, there’s no genetic link, but in 2004, Thomas Gerald Reames Davies, a total gentleman, possibly the greatest rugby player that I’ve had the...
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Heritage: An Update
David Allen | 22 February 2017
As first reported last August, volunteers from CF10 are currently working with Simon Down of CRFC to catalogue all the artefacts held at Cardiff Arms Park that document the history of rugby at the ground.
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