Miles to go before we sleep
Martin Hughes | 28 September 2017
These are interesting times, it seems on the face of it the Chinese curse holds true. Cardiff rugby finds itself again at the centre of the Welsh game and again for off-field reasons. It would be churlish to cling to the adage that there is no such thing as bad news; let's be frank losing Danny...
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Danny Wilson
CF10 Rugby Trust | 27 September 2017
So, it's out there, Danny Wilson will be leaving the Cardiff Blues next summer after opting not to take up the final year of his contract, amid ongoing financial issues. We said a few weeks ago that 2017 would be the most crucial of all the crucial years in the history of Cardiff Rugby so far, and...
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Huw Jones | 11 September 2017
It’s the most crucial year since…..well, the last time we had a crucial year. Some will argue it’s the most crucial year in the club’s 140 year history. Others will say, that’s hyperbole and it’s only the most crucial year since 2003 or possibly 2009 when we made the ill-fated move to City Stadium...
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It never gets easier, you just get better ….
Martin Hughes | 10 September 2017
Being a supporter in any sport is about belief, it is about refusing to admit to an invasion that turns a grain of doubt to a full-blown harvest, it is about exhilarating highs, crushing lows and the inability to ever truly leave it behind. The full range of emotions can often be experienced in one...
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Oh What A Tangled Web...
CF10 Rugby Trust | 06 September 2017
Two weeks ago a meeting of Cardiff Athletic Club rugby section was held in order to try and update members on progress (or rather, the lack of) on the redevelopment of Cardiff Arms Park. Though the meeting was sometimes confused and confusing, it was brave attempt to at least involve members in...
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Supporters Direct Interview
CF10 Rugby Trust | 29 August 2017
Our very own David Allen interviewed for Supporters Direct
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Let's pack the CAP
CF10 Rugby Trust | 18 August 2017
Exactly 92 days after the 2016/17 season ended against Stade Francais in Paris, rugby has returned for Cardiff Blues fans as pre-season gets underway with a trip to London Scottish, before Exeter are welcomed to the Arms Park next Friday. It's been a long summer of cheering on the Lions and...
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“If you’re going to find a silver lining, it’s got to be a cloudy day”
Simon Jones | 15 August 2017
“If you’re going to find a silver lining, it’s got to be a cloudy day” Kacey Musgraves It’s been a pretty bleak off season for Cardiff Blues fans. Aside from Captain Sam’s performances for the Lions, it’s been a case of reports about a threatened future, players signing and then being released...
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Quiz: How well do you remember the 2016-17 season?
CF10 Rugby Trust | 09 August 2017
Test your memory in our just-for-fun quiz...
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Pro 12 Logo
Pro12 Expansion
CF10 Rugby Trust | 27 July 2017
The time for change is approaching in the Pro12. South African teams are all set to join the league in time for the season starting in September, and they should be embraced. It's something for fans to feel positive about. It's long been talked about that the Kings and Cheetahs were looking to...
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What's In A Name II
Derek Redwood | 20 July 2017
There has been a lot of speculation recently about the possibility of dropping the Cardiff name as part of the need to embrace a wider geographical area for regional rugby. I ask myself why that should be either desirable or necessary
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'Change is the only constant' - A Brief History of the Pro 12
Andrew Collins | 18 July 2017
The widely misattributed Heraclitus ‘quote’ should perhaps be the slogan for the Pro 12... Or Pro 14… as we once again face a raft of alterations and new teams as the league seeks additional finances. In what should be a shock move, the Pro 12, formerly known as the Celtic League, looks like it...
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