Just The Ticket
CF10 Rugby Trust | 21 October 2019
Is it just me or is anyone else amazed at the goings on in the Cardiff Blues Ticket Office? In May this year I attended the office to buy seven tickets for the new season at a cost of over £1,400. Five of these were renewals and two were new members. I listed all the individual names and addresses...
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Cardiff Blues issue response to CF10 open letter
CF10 Rugby Trust | 05 August 2019
Further to our open letter of July 23...
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Cardiff Blues Limited (CBL) And Cardiff Athletic Club (CAC) Relationship
CF10 Rugby Trust | 23 July 2019
It is with great sadness that we publish this open letter to the management boards of Cardiff Blues Limited and Cardiff Athletic Club. The poor relationship which exists between the two inextricably linked organisations is doing immeasurable reputational damage to Cardiff rugby and is a major...
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Time to bang heads together?
CF10 Rugby Trust | 07 July 2019
The latest chapter in the downward spiral that is the relationship between Cardiff Blues and Cardiff Athletic Club was greeted by despairing fan reactions this week. It is an ongoing psychodrama possibly rivalled only by the national act of self-harm being played out on a larger stage. CAC’s...
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Cardiff RFC are WRU National Cup champions!
CF10 Rugby Trust | 29 April 2019
Cardiff RFC were crowned 2018/19 WRU National Cup champions after overcoming Merthyr at the Principality Stadium on Sunday evening. It is a fine reward for the squad after what has been a superb season up until now, and hopefully gives the players a boost to end the campaign well and finish as...
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A few post-chicken gate thoughts from CF10 Towers
CF10 Rugby Trust | 19 April 2019
This has been a tough couple of weeks. Some hard to take loses on the pitch, appalling officiating within a league that doesn’t seem to care, and then one of our brightest prospects, Rhys Carré, being lost to Saracens before our marquee player (and only NDC in old money) Gareth Anscombe heads off...
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Project Reset - The Way Forward
CF10 Rugby Trust | 11 March 2019
“Project Reset has become Project Inept” – Not our words but the double barrel shots fired by outgoing Ospreys Chairman, Mike James as he resigned from the Professional Rugby Board (PRB). It’s not the purpose of this blog to review the events of the last week, that’s already been done to death....
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The Circle of Strife
CF10 Rugby Trust | 07 March 2019
Certainly this Welsh rugby week will go down as one of the more interesting. Dickens couldn’t have come up with such a story, Nietzsche would have run out of chaos, Kant would have used up all reason, pure or otherwise whilst Andy Howell has surely run out of articles on how Colwyn Bay is actually...
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Project Reset or Project Reject: Where Next?
CF10 Rugby Trust | 01 March 2019
This week Welsh rugby has once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. This should have been a fabulous public relations week; a magnificent victory against England giving us a great opportunity for a Grand Slam. Followed at the end of the week by St David’s Day celebrations which could...
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CAC take the lead on CAP redevelopments
CF10 Rugby Trust | 28 February 2019
The Annual General Meeting of Cardiff Athletic Club took place in the Cardiff Arms Park clubhouse on Wednesday evening, with the Chairman Keith Morgan summing up the tone of the meeting by stating 'We've become big boys now'. This was in relation to CAC making waves of their own in terms of the...
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New Year, New Opportunities
CF10 Rugby Trust | 07 January 2019
Another year has passed, one in which the future of rugby at Cardiff and of the Arms Park have once again remained spectacularly unresolved. Dare we hope for better in 2019? Is there any reason that we should be more optimistic? We think so and will use this blog to outline why and to suggest some...
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A Cardiff Carol
CF10 Rugby Trust | 18 December 2018
Chapter 1 The old Benefactor Era was dead. Of that, there could be no doubt. The Western Mail reported, the BBC explained it and social media went into meltdown debating it. The Benefactor Era was dead. As dead as a doornail. Ebenezer Phillips growled as he entered his office in the Principality...
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