Is it just me or is anyone else amazed at the goings on in the Cardiff Blues Ticket Office?

In May this year I attended the office to buy seven tickets for the new season at a cost of over £1,400. Five of these were renewals and two were new members. I listed all the individual names and addresses for all 7 as well as the fan numbers for each of the renewals. Four months later we were still waiting for the issue of the tickets after the season had officially started. A number of us contacted the office to check on progress and we all received a different response to the effect that they had gone out or were going out that day or would be issued by the end of the week.

The two new tickets were for friends of mine that did not know each other. Both tickets were posted to one address a week before the first game even though they were unconnected. A few days before the season opener I received the other five tickets with one fixture list, one car sticker and one set of vouchers. Other members of CF10 have also reported the inconsistent content of the season member packages so this isn’t an isolated incident.

I was unable to attend the Edinburgh game but five of us went to the Cardiff RFC game against Swansea on October 12th and three of the tickets would not scan. We were allowed into the game but it was suggested that we refer back to the Ticket Office. Worryingly, a number of supporters mentioned on social media that their season membership cards would not scan at the Edinburgh match and were told just before kick-off to get a ticket for the game at the Ticket Office, as an interim measure. To say that they were not happy would be an understatement.

On Wednesday October 16th I received another envelope from the Blues office with 5 new season tickets, 5 fixture lists, 5 car stickers and 5 sets of vouchers.

I guess that improves my chances of getting into the next game!

Derek Redwood

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  • Tue, 22/10/2019 - 11:02 reply

    The issue with most of the season tickets is they have not been printed correctly. If you look to the the side of the Barcode where the edge of thee ticket is there is insufficient white space to create a "quiete zone", without which a barcode reader does not know that the code has stopped. I take a piece of white card with me and put it behind my season ticket if it wo't read and then it does read.

    Either the printer was out of alignment or the design was done by someone who does not know the importance of space around a barcode?

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