Programme Notes (Brive)
CF10 Rugby Trust | 10 December 2022
Cardiff vs Brive will always be associated with one particular match and one special player: Greg Kacala.
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A Plea for Sanity
Steve Coombs | 04 December 2022
The communities of South Wales were built on coal, metal ore, religious revival and rugby football. The first two brought wealth and people. The third helped forge those people into communities. The fourth provided the means by which those people could conquer the world.
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Supporter Advisor Q&A
CF10 Rugby Trust | 14 November 2022
David Allen, the Cardiff Rugby Supporter Advisor, will be holding a supporters Q&A on Thursday 24 November at 19:00 via Zoom. All supporters of Cardiff rugby are welcome to attend
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Cardiff Rugby Supporter Advisor David Allen
Supporter Advisor: Reflections so far
David Allen | 04 November 2022
Cardiff Rugby Supporter Advisor David Allen reflects on his first cycle of meetings.
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The Clock is Ticking
CF10 Rugby Trust | 31 October 2022
Welsh rugby is teetering on the brink. If we don’t get radical reform and get it soon then the whole edifice will collapse and it will not be possible to rebuild it. It’s really that serious.
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Programme Notes (Stormers)
CF10 Rugby Trust | 23 October 2022
In 1983, for their annual Easter Saturday clash with Cardiff, the Barbarians selected two very special South African players.
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Programme Notes (Dragons)
CF10 Rugby Trust | 16 October 2022
125 years ago almost to this very day, on 16th of October 1897, Cardiff travelled to the Rhondda Valley to play Llwynypia.
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Programme Notes (Munster)
CF10 Rugby Trust | 18 September 2022
Hello and welcome back for the 147th season of Cardiff Rugby as we kick off the 2022/23 campaign with the visit of Munster.
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At Least Nero Fiddled
Martin Hughes | 21 August 2022
It’s just over a month before the season starts. Playing budgets are still bafflingly unresolved and subject to, we are told, interminable intense debate. In most rugby nations this would be an unprecedented crisis. In Wales it is now all too predictable.
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A Few Words From A Critical Friend
Steve Coombs | 10 April 2022
CF10’s position has always been that it wishes to be seen as a “critical friend” by the club. Criticising when necessary and telling home truths when the club needs to be told some home truths. Because we want the club to succeed. Our criticism comes from a place of love. This intention needs to...
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Cardiff Arms Park - the Stadium in the Heart of the City
Sally Carter | 08 November 2021
  Cardiff Arms Park was developed on land created by the diverting of the River Taff. Always prone to flooding, its boundaries dictated and restricted by the river on one side and the rapidly growing city hemming it in on the other, its location has always been problematic. It’s a ground that grew...
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Pounds, Points and Ouches
Martin Hughes | 04 November 2021
Rugby Union has been officially professional for 26 years and Welsh rugby has yet to provide a compelling statement of intent or even remotely begun to answer the key question of what success looks like. For all the Grand Slams, Triple Crowns, RWC semi final defeats, for all the saw-sharpening,...
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