Cardiff Rugby Supporter Advisor David Allen
Supporter Advisor: Reflections so far
David Allen | 04 November 2022
Cardiff Rugby Supporter Advisor David Allen reflects on his first cycle of meetings.
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The Clock is Ticking
CF10 Rugby Trust | 31 October 2022
Welsh rugby is teetering on the brink. If we don’t get radical reform and get it soon then the whole edifice will collapse and it will not be possible to rebuild it. It’s really that serious.
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A Few Words From A Critical Friend
Steve Coombs | 10 April 2022
CF10’s position has always been that it wishes to be seen as a “critical friend” by the club. Criticising when necessary and telling home truths when the club needs to be told some home truths. Because we want the club to succeed. Our criticism comes from a place of love. This intention needs to...
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Cardiff Arms Park - the Stadium in the Heart of the City
Sally Carter | 08 November 2021
  Cardiff Arms Park was developed on land created by the diverting of the River Taff. Always prone to flooding, its boundaries dictated and restricted by the river on one side and the rapidly growing city hemming it in on the other, its location has always been problematic. It’s a ground that grew...
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Pounds, Points and Ouches
Martin Hughes | 04 November 2021
Rugby Union has been officially professional for 26 years and Welsh rugby has yet to provide a compelling statement of intent or even remotely begun to answer the key question of what success looks like. For all the Grand Slams, Triple Crowns, RWC semi final defeats, for all the saw-sharpening,...
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1905 and all that: Cardiff’s first Superstar.
Steve Coombs | 28 October 2021
We once spoke to Arthur Harding, about the chances of Wales against the New Zealanders. "We'll win if Gwyn is with us. You don't know what it is, man, to have him behind you."  A Welsh International in many tough, struggles with Nicholls said of him recently:  "Do you know Gwyn? He is the best man...
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Supporter Directors: Time to embrace the passion?
Simon Jones | 08 July 2021
When discussions were originally held by a small and hardy band of supporters about setting up a supporters trust everyone agreed that the ultimate goal should be supporter representation on the board of Cardiff Rugby. This continues to be the first bullet point on our mission statement today,...
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Back in Blue and Black: Thoughts from CF10 towers
CF10 Rugby Trust | 05 July 2021
“My hope for next season is pretty simple – just to be at the opening game with my friends. The pre-entertainment would be Karl Kruger singing Sloop John B. The words could be printed in the programme!” Lynn Glaister. CF10 Chair.   “The re-branding is very welcome but it must be more than a PR...
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What's Next
Martin Hughes | 28 June 2021
We are here. Again. Standing at the end of a season punctuated by the ubiquitous promise of tomorrow, and at times bedraggled by overwhelming challenge. Here we stand. On the brink of saying hwyl fawr to a blue rugby experiment and about to enter the still fiscally uneven URC. But for all the...
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Show me the money!
Simon Jones | 09 June 2021
“If one good thing has come out of the European Super League (ESL) shambles, it is the realisation that when fans come together with a common goal they can still influence the direction of the game. The next challenge is building on this victory” When Saturday Comes, June 2021 The above quote...
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The Other Cardiff Team: The Story of the Rags.
Steve Coombs | 27 April 2021
“I started in the famous Rags, the second team, in a game at Briton Ferry. Next there was a visit to the Memorial Ground to play Bristol United and finally, I shall never forget the day I achieved my ambition, to wear the Cambridge blue and black of Cardiff’s first team.” - Gareth Edwards “I used...
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Steve Coombs | 01 March 2021
The earliest Cardiff team photo we have, was taken prior to the 1879 South Wales Challenge Cup final. The club had been created three years earlier, from a merger between Glamorgan FC and Cardiff Wanderers. That game was, to that point, easily the biggest in the club’s short history. It was a...
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